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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Burtons property services are committed to social responsibility, particularly in the communities in which we work and we seek to take up a range of opportunities to engage with local people and charitable causes.

Social Responsibility isn’t simply about money, it’s about sharing skills and expertise, spreading the site safety and environmental awareness messages, and Burtons property services doing their bit when it comes to supporting local causes.

By working collaboratively with our colleagues, customers and communities we aim to provide sustainable outcomes throughout our business.


We focus our responsibility into three key areas.

People / Community / Environment


To continue to provide the best possible service to our customers, we are focused on attracting, developing, supporting and retaining the very best people across all areas of our business. We are dedicated to improving the well-being of all individuals within the business, both those who are directly employed and those in the wider supply chain by:

  • Maintaining and constantly improving safe working standards

  • Ensuring equal opportunities and promoting a diverse culture

  • Supporting the rights of all workers

  • Strengthening working relationships within community groups

  • Supporting apprenticeships, work experience and trainee programmes that lead to employment and encourage the ongoing development of construction skills

  • Promoting entry to the industry; encouraging career development and progression to leadership roles

  • Contributing towards the UK economy by developing local trades and creating permanent employment



Burtons property services are committed to the communities in which it works and takes up a range of opportunities to engage with local people and charitable causes. We are dedicated to providing continuous value to our local communities by:

  • Respecting and supporting the local neighbourhood

  • Providing clear communication channels

  • Minimising inconvenience and disruption to individuals and businesses

  • Nurturing local employment and use of local trades

  • Investing in local communities

  • Supporting local and national charities

  • Encouraging participation and community activities

  • Engaging in local education programmes

  • Promoting better community engagement and collaboration across the sector


We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our work, reducing waste and investing in new ‘green’ technologies. Burtons property services supports the sustainability agenda by:

  • Making environmental concerns central to all our processes

  • Minimising the consumption of resources

  • Reducing carbon emissions

  • Cutting down waste generation

  • Using efficient technologies and sustainable materials

  • Conserving energy and water

  • Ensuring all site operations follow and exceed best practice guidelines

  • Maintaining standards throughout the entire supply chain