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Why hire a professional painter and decorator when you can DIY?

Well, quite simply, whilst everyone loves a great end result, getting there for most people is anything but a walk in the park.

Knowledge, experience, skill and technique count.

Here’s our top reasons why you should hire a professional before finding yourself in DIY doom and gloom.

It’s All About The Preparation

Before any paint is applied to any interior or exterior surface, the preparation work is key, and often the most overlooked by people, because it involves a lot of work, and it’s boring, tedious and painstakingly slow without the right tools.

It can involve stripping, cleaning, water sealing, patching, application of the correct primers and cleaners, sanding, or applying the right treatment based on the type of surface.

A professional painter and decorator makes sure that every surface is properly prepared before applying a single drop of paint. The difference in the results can be the difference between having a paint job from hell, that looks so bad that you wish you’d never bothered, to having a stunningly elegant finish that you and everyone who sees your home will love.

Save Money – Don’t Waste it!

Most people waste a lot of money by either buying the wrong materials for a job, and only find out once it’s too late and then realise they have to start over, or they waste unnecessary money on more expensive paints that they just don’t need.

Professional painters and decorators not only know how to source the best materials at the lowest price, but also know how much material is required to cost a job properly.

Additionally, it’s not just the paints or paper you will need to purchase in the DIY route, but a lot of other tools, which a professional painter and decorator will already possess.

Choosing The Right Primers And Paints

With so many manufacturers, creating paints and primers for all kinds of applications, a day can be wasted just trying to decide what products and from which manufacturers will be best suited for your job.

Professional painters and decorators not only have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience of paint products, but know how and what works in real life situations, and not how it’s “supposed to look” in some glossy marketing material by the manufacturer.

Making the right choice in getting the right products for the job and surface type, often makes the difference between 2 coats of paint and several coats of paint to get the result you require. It also makes a difference between whether that result lasts 1 year or 10 years or more.

A professional painter and decorator brings more than just tools to the table. You get the vast amount of knowledge and expertise that only comes with vast experience in real life scenarios, and an understanding of what is required for different types of surfaces.

Add Value To Your Property

A professional painter and decorator can add a tremendous amount of value to your property, whereas a poor painting and decorating job, can actually lower the value of your property and make it difficult to get the price you want.

That value is often worth many times more than the cost of hiring a professional painter and decorator, not to mention how much more elegant the look and feel of your house will be, with a professional finish to your interior or exterior paint work.

We have experianced painters and decorator that can assist with both your internal and external decorating needs. We have completed a range of projects across Kent and would be happy to visit to discuss your need and provide a quotation.

Take a look at some of the below images to see the difference a professional decorator can make.

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