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Why a fresh interior is good for business.

As our work decorating a local restaurant draws to a close we thought it would be an ideal time to write a blog relevant to our commercial customers in and around Sittingboure, Faversham, Gillingham and Maidstone.

A fresh look at business

It can be easy to overlook the importance of the appearance of your workspace be it a restaurant, salon or office.

After all, you’re focused on running your business. But creating a stunning signature interior is not just about looking good; it immediately reflects your brand and speaks for your business, giving clients, business partners and potential staff confidence in your products and services.

Stand out from the competition

Whether you require a full re-fit, complete refurbishment or commercial decoration, specialist contractors like us will have the expertise to create a bespoke welcoming environment that, while being synonymous with your business, crucially, will also be remembered by customers.

An uninspiring tired workspace can have a similar effect on staff

Research shows that an attractive environment plays an important role in motivating staff, increasing their productivity and work efficiency. The working surroundings communicate your company’s ethos and desired working practices to staff. The bottom line is that an inspirational workspace in which your people take pride positively impacts on your bottom line.

So why choose Burtons property services?

Minimal workday disruption

Completing the perfect workspace makeover without losing you production time or working hours is vital. Our highly trained team have a wealth of experience operating within a working environment and will respect your workspace routine, whether that means working in the middle of the night or at weekends. Transformation achieved, things cleaned away and gone.

Your in safe hands

We are fully insured and compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation.

Affordable pricing

We offer customer an affordable service and work with you to create transformations within your budget.

Contact us to discuss your plans and ideas on 07722112215.

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