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What is the best size of tile to use in a small bathroom?

Tile size isn’t entirely dependant upon bathroom size, a small bathroom can hugely benefit from a large tile. Large tiles provide for fewer grout lines, a less cluttered look and also visually expand a small bathroom.

Using smaller tiles, often will give you lots of grout lines and make smaller bathrooms feel even smaller still. This doesn’t necessarily mean tiles such as mosaics should be avoided, if you have found some small tiles that you love, go for it but consider just keeping them for small surface areas (shower, splashback, alcoves) and use bigger tiles to cover larger areas.

Everyone knows that lighter colours such as white or cream can make a room feel bigger and brighter, but that doesn't mean you should shy away from using darker colours in smaller spaces. A dark tile can add a sense of depth as the parameters become less clear and, much like a lighter tile, can make a space feel bigger.

Another tip for getting the right tiles for a small bathroom is to use glossy or metallic finishes, this will enhance the space by reflecting light, giving a sense of more spacious proportions.

We have this week completed the below bathroom refurbishment, this is considered to be a "smaller" bathroom but looks absolutely stunning with large tiles. Looking at the before and after images there has been such a transformation.

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