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What are the benefits of improving your homes curb appeal?

This week we have been in Faversham doing more external painting.

Due to the condition of the weatherboards, a lot of prep work has taken place and now the undercoat is on.

What a difference already! Can’t wait to see the finished job next week. 😊

Improving curb appeal is usually the last thing on homeowners minds and internal works take priority.

A home that is well presented will look inviting to guests, as well as potential buyers. Curb appeal doesn't just help to sell your property, it can also help you save money in the long-term, as well as potentially help to increase the value of your street.

Some houses naturally exude curb appeal, others don’t. But kerb appeal isn’t just about period charm or established planting schemes, every house can have kerb appeal. Kerb appeal is about making the best of a property and keeping it well maintained: if the frontage of the property looks in good repair buyers, guests and neighbours will assume this is reflected throughout your house.

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