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We even do television wall mounting

While most might be good at DIY jobs, attempting to mount a TV by yourself with the wrong materials can utilamatly cost more in the run. 

Lots of walls in newer property’s are dry lined which can cause problems with stability when mounting larger TV’s.

Common mistakes also including putting the TV in the wrong place. If you make this mistake then, you would need to rearrange your furniture to get a proper view. If that didn't work, then you would need to remove the TV wall mount and wall bracket. Then you would need to drill into a different part of the wall to resecure the TV wall mount. If you need to do this multiple times you could damage your wall or your TV.

A professional TV mounting service can help you figure out where to mount your TV on the wall so you don't run into problems with your TV installation.

A professional can also help make sure that your TV wall mount is secure. That way you can rest assured that your TV won't crash down to the floor one day. A mishap like that could prove costly by potentially damaging your brand new plasma or LCD TV. If your TV mount bracket fell down it could also injure you or one of your loved ones.

So, it’s best to hire a professional tv mounting expert who can help you with proper placement, balance, and cable organisation.

Contact us so you can rest easy knowing that you TV is secure and in the right location.

Image of a TV installation completed last week.

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