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So this tiled floor is not the largest nor the most complex, but to us it is extremely impressive and here is why.......

Very early on Burtons property services realised the importance of investing in people to build a highly skilled team of tradesman. We haven’t always got things right but felt strongly about investing in the next generation of tradespeople.

Last year we worked closely with the local job centre to offer ‘work placements’ to young people who were not in education, training or employment.

Last summer we had quite a few young people come through our doors and in the end a handful who shined were offered employment as full time trainees.

Since that time only two have remained but gone on to do great things showing that they have the determination, patience and commitment to their craft.

Now this floor IS impressive as it’s the VERY first floor that one of our trainees have laid independently with minimal supervision.

He will be first to admit it’s not perfect and actually asked for any flaws to be pointed out. We all like to be perfect but seeking constructive critisisim is actually a great trait for a tradesman to possess as tradesman are ALWAYS learning as the industry evolves.

We are immensely proud of how far both of our trainees have progressed and we are sure that if they carry on with the same attitude they will go far.

Tiles from Tile Mountain UK

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