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Its not all about refurbishments, we also assist with property repairs.

It can feel that at times looking after your home can be costly, but it’s really important for your safety and well being to stay on top of things. 

Staying on top of things and getting repairs done early can save you money later on. It will also maximize the value of your property in case circumstances change and you need to move home.

Some of the areas you should check regularly include:

Central heating – get your boiler serviced every year and bleed radiators when necessary.

Electrics – you should get your wiring checked by a registered electrician every ten years. If you rent your home, your landlord is responsible for keeping the electrical wiring in proper working order

Damp and mould growth – check the cause before treating, as it may be a problem with ventilation and condensation.

Plumbing – check for dripping and leaking; even a minor leak in a water or waste pipe can cause significant damage. A sudden lack of water pressure could also indicate a problem.

Guttering – get your gutters cleared once a year, at the beginning of winter

Roof – get your roof inspected in the spring, or if you notice missing tiles or damp patches on your ceiling,

Chimneys – your chimney should be swept at least once a year, depending on the type of fuel you use.

We have recently been very busy assisting customers with repairs both in preparation for winter and in preparation for house sales. Please take a look at some of our recent photographs.

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