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How to protect your property during the winter months.

💥💥We have noticed an increase in calls regarding faulty radiators and plumbing as winter approaches. 💥💥

In the event you do experience water damage during this winter season and require our assistance to get your home back to ‘normality’ please call us on 07722112215 or take a look a look at www.burtonspropertyservices.com

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with home repairs and in the past have completed works on behalf of large insurance companies and local authorities.

Although we specialise I’m dealing with the aftermath following a leak or burst pipe, these emergency situations can cause a great deal of stress for homeowners.

Therefore we have some top tips to help our customers through the winter season.

❄️❄️ Cold radiators ❄️❄️

You might not notice a broken radiator for months, but once you turn your central heating on, a cold radiator will become incredibly obvious!

Bleed the radiator. This removes any air that is trapped within the radiator and its connected pipes and allows the hot water within the radiator to circulate properly.

If this doesn’t work, you may have to clean your radiator.

❄️❄️ Frozen pipes ❄️❄️

Frozen pipes are among the most common winter home emergencies and can be the most disastrous. Not only can frozen pipes cause a domestic water supply to seize up, but water has the unique physical property of expanding when it freezes, which can cause pipes to burst apart.

When the water thaws, the pipe can leak, causing devastating property damage and potentially damaging your electricity supply and the structural integrity of your home.

Pipe insulation is the best way to prevent pipes from freezing.

Other insulation and energy-efficiency measures, such as cavity wall insulation and draught-proofing, can further protect your plumbing.

❄️❄️ Blocked drains ❄️❄️

The most common factor in blocked drains, by far, is substances other than water being poured down the drain. As the temperature drops below freezing, fat and grease can freeze and completely block the drain.

❄️ Don’t pour grease and oil down your drains. Pour it in the bin instead.

❄️ Use drain-unblocker every few months to keep your drains clear of debris.

❄️ Use drain covers to collect hair and foodstuffs that would otherwise fall down the drain.

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